I’m not a big fan of the Ice Age movies, and this one is the dullest yet. As it turns out, our woolly mammoth friends (voiced by Ray Romano and Queen Latifah) have been living above a dinosaur world, separated by a sheet of ice. It’s a silly excuse to have the Ice Age clan running from dinosaurs, even though they were supposedly extinct at the time the film takes place. Nice way to confuse the kids! Tons of children will now fail their paleontology exams! The movie is glaringly episodic, with a very thin plot involving the birth of a mammoth baby and the weasel guy (voice of John Leguizamo) trying to raise baby dinosaurs. I watched it in 3-D and was not impressed by the visuals. The animation for these films is dull and unimaginative, something that is not bettered by 3-D. It just sort of accentuates how dull it is.

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