Matthew McConaughey plays a womanizer who gets a big life lesson at his brother’s wedding. His dead playboy uncle—Michael Douglas, looking like Robert Evans—shows up and warns him that his life is on the wrong track. He’s then visited by three ghosts, A Christmas Carol style, who show him that his philandering ways are heading toward disaster. Jennifer Garner plays “the one who got away,” and she has her charms for sure, as does McConaughey. But the film never quite makes it over the hump of mediocrity, virtually falling apart by its ending. The unoriginal premise would have been forgivable if the laughs kept coming, but the laughter is intermittent, and non-existent after the first hour. Too bad because the stars are likeable and the director, Mark Waters, has made some decent films in the past (The Spiderwick Chronicles, Just Like Heaven, Mean Girls).

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