A couple of wise-guy high school football players (the likeable Nicholas D’Agosto and Eric Christian Olsen) looking to score girls eschew football camp for cheerleader camp. They head to camp with nothing but mischievous intentions, but get swept up by the spirit of things by film’s end. The jokes start getting tired fairly early on, and the humor suffers from too much repetition. I also got the sense that this was supposed to be a lot dirtier, but things got scaled back for a PG-13 rating. Sarah Roemer is OK as D’Agosto’s love interest. D’Agosto and Olsen have good screen chemistry, but the material they are given gets tired. The duo has some good moments, but not enough to maintain an entire movie. Olsen is 32, with D’Agosto right behind him at 29, so that’s a little weird, but they are semi-convincing as high school students.

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