This is a prequel to Underworld, the vampire vs. werewolf wannabe epic whose primary reason for seeing it was Kate Beckinsale in gloriously tight outfits. Save for a quick cameo, Beckinsale has departed, with Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen rising to the prestige of headliner roles in the franchise. Rhona Mitra stops by to play a vampiress in tight outfits and, while she is impressive looking, what Beckinsale pulled off in her vampire garb cannot be touched. Sheen returns to his role as Lucian, leader of the werewolves in a Planet of the Apes-type revolt against vampire leader Viktor (Nighy). The way Nighy forces his line delivery through his prosthetic teeth must’ve led to costars constantly dodging spit. Action sequences are mostly incomprehensible, and the special effects are often cheap looking. Stop it with the Underworld movies. Enough already!

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