Two lifelong friends (played by Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson) have a common dream: to be married at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. How adorable, right? Wrong, because when a scheduling snafu results in their wedding dates being on the same day, all hell breaks loose, Hollywood style. They go from being each other’s bridesmaids to saboteurs, each trying in very devilish ways to wreck the other’s nuptials. Hathaway and Hudson can be charming, but they are set afloat in a messy, ridiculous movie that wastes their talents. You can expect this kind of crap from Hudson who, although talented, can’t pick a good script to save her life. Hathaway, on the other hand, should’ve known better. They each have some good moments here, but the end result is a cloying, ridiculous misfire. It’s making some money, and the ending has sequel written all over it, so this might not be the end.

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