This is really quite adorable. Bolt (voice of John Travolta) is a little dog and star of a TV show where he has superpowers. In order to get the best performance out of the dog, the director goes to great lengths to make sure the dog believes he really has his powers. When a shipping error lands Bolt across the country, he must find his way back to Hollywood and his “person” (Miley Cyrus). I saw this in 3-D, and it was a blast, but I imagine the movie plays really well in 2-D. The story is sweet, the animation is excellent and, heck, it might even get you all misty eyed. Watch out though, a scene where the dog and his person were in peril had kids screaming and crying during the screening I attended. If you stick around for the credits, you’ll hear Cyrus and Travolta singing a duet. Hot damn!!!

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